Connecting people at events

The Network Wall is a service for event organisers in Europe, that collects relevant data from participants so that deliberate connections can be made at any event in a fun and human way!

Why the Network Wall?

Create an atmosphere where your attendees can find what they're looking for.

Have you ever been at an event and didn’t know who to talk to? Help event attendees explore others around them and quickly discover who they should definitely connect with.

Collect Data

Your participants have a lot to share. The Network Wall helps you collect a blend of relevant data such as contact details, intersections and relations to a certain topic.

Time travel fun

Polaroid photos aren’t only for Berlin hipsters. Non-representative research showed that nearly everybody loves them. So let your participants smile and wave!

Digital Network Wall

How do you make sure that your participants are not just connecting at an event but also after the event? You don’t have to because Digital Network Wall will! Contact us for more details.

How it works.

Because when the right people meet, good things happen.
  • 1.
    Arrivals - Say cheese!

    First things first - we will take an analogue photo of the participant that will go on the Network Card along with their business card. Yes, you read it right, an analogue photo a.k.a polaroids.

  • 2.
    Details - Be creative!

    Arriving at an event especially when participants are alone can be a bit daunting for them. With The Network Wall participants can start connecting as soon as they arrive at the event - all it takes is filling in a simple card and they’re ready to rumble!

  • 3.
    Information - Put it on the wall!

    Network Cards are designed in a way that only record the participant's most interesting information. This works by connecting people based on their shared interests, hobbies, background, etc. The cards are placed on the Network Wall which is visible to everyone. This is when the magic happens!

  • 4.
    The Network Wall - Talk, Share, Connect!

    Now it's possible to never walk out of an event without making a connection first! Participants find what they are looking for and save time by making valuable connections that could result in long term relationships - business, personal, you name it!

  • 5.
    Follow up - Make connections even after the event!

    Participants can not only walk out of an events with a new connection, but they also have the opportunity to follow-up via our digital Network Wall. The digital Network Wall visualizes the web of connections created at an event and thus helps participants connect even after the event! Contact us to know more about our prototype.

Happy clients.

Our Pricing

Network Wall Package
from 1960 €
Events up to 200 guests
Personal consultation via phone or skype
Concept and question creation
Customized, co-branded Network Cards
Polaroid photos and other materials
Event team for 5 hours
The Extras & Others
Need more?
or looking for something else?
+ White labeled cards
+ Pin boards or extra event hours
+ Digitalization of data
+ Interactive digital visualization (Beta)
+ Something with an ice cream machine

We don’t bite. Say hi!

Questions? Feel free to get in touch.